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URL: KZAL - www.smooth947.com
Jobs Implemented : ASP.NET Website, SQL Server
Description: KZAL recieved a new design, and an admin back-end for the KZAL staff to keep the website up-to-date with access to all content from an admin console. The news is pulled from the KOHO radio website, and weather is pulled from Weatherbug.com
URL: www.kozi.com
Jobs Implemented : ASP.NET Website, SQL Server
Description: KOZI recieved a new design, and an admin back-end for the KOZI staff to keep the website up-to-date with daily news stories, including sound bytes and images. Listeners to KOZI may also register on the website and leave comments on news stories, general opinions, add business listings or events.
URL: www.kohoradio.com
Jobs Implemented : Drupal Website
Description: Another radio station website: K&W did not design this website in it entire. We inherited in when it was almost complete. K&W finished the site for the launch and handles the maintence of any needed functionality of the site.
URL: Family Planning of Chelan and Douglas Counties
Jobs Implemented : ASP.Net Website, SQL Server, payment portal through Authorize.net
Description: Family Planning website needs that were filled include: payment on invoice, prescription medication request, online donation, ask the doctors a question online through a contact form, updateable "What's Happening" calendar, FAQ's taken from the "Ask a Dr" form and radomly rotated on the front page, general Family Planning info and forms.
URL: Wenatchee Golf & Country Club
Jobs Implemented : ASP.Net Website, SQL Server
Description: New design for the Wenatchee Golf and Country Club with some of the features include: Flash image rotation, javascript "News" scrolling, admin for uploading new information and updating the menu.
URL: Oneshot Firearms & Accessories
Jobs Implemented : ASP.Net Website, SQL Server, e-commerce
Description: Oneshot Firearms website includes an online store, with a payment gateway through Authorize.net, ad admin console to update online inventory and process orders, shipping calculations using UPS API and general Oneshot Firearms info.
URL: Jamie L Wallace - Realtor
Jobs Implemented : ASP.Net Website, SQL Server
Description: Pickwenatchee.com is a general realtor website. It includes a custom admin console for updating page content. The real estate information is framed in the site from an outside MLS resource website.
URL: www.linderhof.com
Jobs Implemented : ASP website
Description: Linderhof Inn is a well established motel in Leavenworth, WA. They needed a facelift on their current site. So K&W Web Solutions, LTD came up with a while new design to implement.
URL: www.bavarianlodge.com
Jobs Implemented : ASP Website, flash image rotation
Description: Bavarian Lodge is a hotel in Leavenworth, WA. They were in need of a new, updated design. K&W worked closely with the client to develop the website to precise specifications.
URL: www.hookedontoys.com
Jobs Implemented : ASP Website, Database Driven SQL Server, E-Commerce
Description: Hooked on Toys website was developed by K&W using ASP, Database backend and uses Paypal for completing the purchase. The site also includes an admin back-end for Hooked On Toys employees to add/edit products, view orders, add categories, and much more. The design was produced by Wenatchee Boys Media.
URL: www.dowdyco.com
Jobs Implemented : ASP Website, "Photo of the Day", Flash
Description: An information website where constuction projects are beautifully displayed using flash movies. One special feature is the "photo of the day" admin console where new images can be uploaded for display.
URL: www.rentmestorage.com
Jobs Implemented : ASP Website, "Price Calculator", MS Access
Description: K&W took the Rentme Storage website previously built using squarespace, and converted it to an ASP website driven by MS Access database for rates. This was done in order to have more functionality to the site and improve the search engine optimization. K&W also programmed a price calculator for web users to make a custom quote of the storage building they wanted to buy.
URL: www.shurkleencarwash.com
Jobs Implemented : asp Website, with a flash slideshow and newsletter sign-up
Description: Shur-kleen car wash needed a informational website, launched in time to correspond with their new environmentally friendly wash products campaign. K&W was given the picture of "Splashy" the mascot and the design was developed around him. The site was also designed with thought that Shur-kleen owner will update with own program.
URL: www.sentrydefense247.com
Jobs Implemented : asp.net Website, with a Paypal purchasing system
Description: This website is a cross between an information or "brochure" website integrated with a simple e-commerce site. They use it to sell their natural chelation therapy and detoxification with zeolites product. It is considered a "simple" e-commerce because they only have three products, at the moment, and were not in need of a content management system to add more products. They also do not need an admin to keep track of orders. They will be using Paypal to keep track of ordering.
URL: www.selectrentals.com
Jobs Implemented : ASP Website, Content Management System, Admin Photo Upload
Description: The website for Select Rentals allows the administrators to keep their own condo inventory up to date themselves. They do this with just an internet browser and internet connection withough knowing any HTML. They are able to add/update new condos, pictures, news information and the "specials" box on the home page.
URL: www.audiologyproducts.com
Jobs Implemented : Site Redesign, Search Engine Optimization
Description: Audiology Products had a website but wasn't getting the traffic they hoped for. K&W Web Solutions, LTD redesigned their site, gave them a current design and made it search engine friendly. They went from page seven, on a search of their keywords on Google, to page one!
URL: Company Intranet Program
Jobs Implemented : ASP.NET application program, sales and inventory system, MS SQL database driven
Description: An intranet application keeps track of inventory and sales. The employees are able to add/edit inventory, create new orders, invoices and POs, add/edit customers, etc. It is housed on their own in house server and is accessible by other offices across the country.
URL: www.curlyhorses.info
Jobs Implemented : ASP Website, Access Database, Search Features, Registered Users
Description: A horse pedigree website where registered users may enter curly horse information, pictures and even list if they own the horse. The registered user picks the horses parents from a list already entered in the database and a pedigree is generated. Sponsored by the International Curly Horse Organization.